Specialist for Assessment of Students with Disabilities (2024)


Specialist for Assessment of Students with Disabilities (1)

The Maryland State Department of Education is dedicated to supporting a world-class educational system that prepares all students for college andcareer success in the 21st century. With excellent stewardship from ourdivisions, we oversee State and federal programs that support the needs ofa diverse population – students, teachers, principals, and other educatorsthroughout Maryland.





The position is responsible for assisting in the facilitation and coordination of MSDE content and assessment staff, staff in the Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Service, and vendors under contract with Maryland to ensure appropriate and timely development and administration of Maryland state assessments in which students with disabilities participate. This includes assisting with the management and coordination of state testing in LEA 24 schools (non-public schools). This position is housed in the assessments office and will include work with all state assessments.

Responsibilities include:

  • Participates on project teams for the Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) to ensure timely identification and resolution of issues related to the assessment for the students with disabilities.
  • Provides technical support and training relating to test accommodations and participation of students with disabilities in state testing programs.
  • Provides expert review of items and assessment forms for adherence to accessibility guidelines.
  • Collaborates with assessment vendors to assure the proper maintenance, viability, and functioning of technologies needed to develop and administer assessments for students requiring accommodations and/or accessibility features.
  • Provide training to designated educational stakeholders at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Compile, sort, and analyze student data using excel or other data processing platforms.
  • Monitor compliance with ordering testing materials, teacher training, and student registration for state assessments.


Education:A Master’s degree or theequivalent of 36 credit hours of post-baccalaureate coursework from an accreditedcollege or university.

Experience:Four years of professional administrative or teachingexperience in or affiliated with an education program, including one year ofexperience coordinating, monitoring or administering Special Educationassessments. Experience with selecting, implementing, and monitoringaccommodations for students with disabilities.


1. Candidates maysubstitute a Bachelor’s degree and two additional years of experience directlyrelated to the position option for the required education.

2. Candidates maysubstitute the possession of a Doctorate degree at an accredited college oruniversity in a field related to the position for one year of the requiredexperience.

3. The required fieldof education and experience are unique for each option and are established byMSDE in accordance with Education Article, Section 2-104 of the Annotated Codeof Maryland. The specific education andexperience qualifications for each position are on record in the Office of HumanResources.

4. Candidates maysubstitute U.S. Armed Forces military service experience as a commissionedofficer in Education Program classifications or Education Program specialtycodes in the Education field of work on a year-for-year basis for the requiredexperience and education.


Preference will begiven to applicantswho possess the following preferredqualification(s).Include clear and specific information on yourapplication regardingyour qualifications.

  • Experience in providing technical assistance to various, diverse audiences.
  • Knowledge of State and Federal laws, regulations, policies and issues regarding Maryland assessments and students with disabilities.
  • Knowledge ofthe Individual Education Program (IEP) used to develop strategies for accommodations.
  • Experience in providing technical guidance for accommodations, accessibility, and special education as they relate to instruction and testing for students with disabilities.
  • Experience with a variety of special education settings including non-public schools.
  • Experience in managing and coordinating projects and timelines with a variety of stakeholders.


Applicantsmust consent to a State Police Investigation (fingerprinting) as a routineprocedure for all employees with this Agency.


Please make sure that youprovide sufficient information on your application to show that you meet thequalifications for this recruitment. All information concerning yourqualifications must be submitted by the closing date. The resulting list ofeligible candidates will be in effect for at least one year.


Contractual employees who work for an agency covered underthe State Employee and Retiree Health and Welfare Benefits Program, have acurrent employment contract and work 30 or more hours a week (or on average 130hours per month) may be eligible for subsidized health benefits coverage forthemselves and their dependents. As a contractual employee, you will beresponsible for paying 25% of the premiums for your medical and prescriptioncoverage, including any eligible dependents you have enrolled. The State ofMaryland will subsidize the remaining 75% of the cost for these benefits. Youcan also elect to enroll in dental coverage, accidental death and dismembermentinsurance, and life insurance, but will be responsible to pay the full premiumfor these benefits.

Leave may be granted to a contractual employee who has worked 120days in a 12 month period. This leave accrues at a rate of one hour for every30 hours worked, not to exceed 40 hours per calendar year.


Itis preferred that applicants complete the MD State Governmentonlineapplication for employment. The application must clearlydemonstrate thatthe applicant meets the minimum qualifications for theposition. If you are unable to apply online, paper applications can beobtainedfrom the link below and mailed to MSDE Officeof HumanResources, 200 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. If thereis asupplemental questionnaire, this must be completed and sent in withyourpaper application, if you are unable to apply online.

All application materials must be received inour office by the closingdate. Postmarks will not be accepted.Applications must be complete to beconsidered including all related jobduties, even if those are also listedon an attached resume. Additionalrequired materials may be uploaded with the online application or mailed totheaddress listed.

Inquiries can be made to 410-767-0012, TDD410-333-3045. Appropriateaccommodations can be made for individuals withdisabilities.

If you have difficulty with your user account orhave general questionsabout this online application system, pleasecontact the MD Department ofBudget and Management, Recruitment andExamination Division at410-767-4850. TTY Users: Call via Maryland Relay.

Proof of eligibility to work is required incompliance with the ImmigrationReform and Control Act. Anymisrepresentation of academic or experiencerequirements for this positionmay result in non-selection or terminationof employment.

As an equal opportunity employer, Maryland iscommitted to recruiting,retaining, and promoting employees who arereflective of the State’sdiversity. People with disabilities andbilingual candidates are encouragedto apply.

We thank our Veterans for their service to ourcountry.

Specialist for Assessment of Students with Disabilities (2024)
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